A Legacy of Making: 
21 Contemporary Italian American Artists

Calandra Gallery panorama, looking in as you come off the elevator: Nancy Azara, Mary Schiliro,

B. Amore, two by Diana González Gandolfi, Lisa Zukowskl (on pedestal); far wall: Karen Schifano. Gianluca Bianchino. Timothy McDowell, Chris Costan, Carolanna Parlato; John Avelluto (on pillar), Claudia DeMonte (on foreground pedestal); Elisa D’Arrigo (on far pedestal and wall), John Monti, Patricia Miranda

A Legacy of Making is on view the Calandra Institute through January 12, 2024. Joseph Sciorra and I curated the exhibition, which features 21 of the 59 artists in Italianità. Sciorra, who is the director of cultural and academic programs at the Calandra Institute, is also the author of Italianità's Foreword, so he was familiar with both the book's thesis and the artists in it. 

The Calandra Institute, an Italian American research institute affiliated with Queens College--but located in Midtown Manhattan--is at 25 W. 43rd Street, 17th floor. The gallery is open Monday-Friday, 9:00to 5:00. More info on Calandra's website

You can take a virtual walk-through of the exhibition here and read more about in in my conversation with John Avelluto in Two Coats of Paint