We Are Immigrants and the Children of Immigrants

The demonization of immigrants by our previous president prompted me to write my story. I started with Growing Up Italian, a blog post that looked back at a childhood that was immersed in the Italian culture and language brought to the United States by my maternal grandparents. Then as the memories flooded back, I wrote about my paternal grandparents. The culture of my Italian family became my Italian American culture. 

I wondered how other Italian Amertican artists were affected by the same experience of food, family, religion, the changing social landscape of the Sixties and Seventies, and the clash of Old World and New World cultures. 

Most of us share the blood of the Mezzogiorno and the gene pool of the Mediterranean. It turns out that the culture of handwork and making things nudged many of us into becoming artists. Italianità is the result of the stories and the art we have shared.

Joanne Mattera


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October, 2021
The Beautiful Life
The Franky in New York website, founded by Italian journalist Elena Frigenti to celebrate Italian and Italian American culture, produces a monthly newsletter, The Beautiful Life.This month in The Beautiful Life she gives a shout out to Italianità and it's "virtual exhibition."

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August 28, 2021

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